Supertapes: A. Nayaka

Supertapes: A. Nayaka

  • By: GP
  • Rabu, 29 January 2020

Membicarakan skena hip-hop tanah air, pastinya gak boleh melewatkan nama sensasional yang satu ini: Ariel Nayaka. Rapper 25 tahun ini sudah menghasilkan karya-karya banger yang keren, hingga akhirnya direkrut oleh label hip-hop legendaris Def Jam cabang Asia Tenggara!

Kali ini Nayaka berbagi track-track hip-hop favoritnya (kecuali satu lagu dari Mantra Vutura). Let's get it!

Maxo Kream - The Relays ft. Travis Scott

Sound-nya Houston banget. A modern take on the Houston sound.

Roddy Ricch - The Box

Lagunya punya energi yang unik banget, bahkan sampe bisa ngalahin Justin Bieber’s "Yummy" di Billboard charts!

Abubakarxli - Ninini

One of my fellow brothers in DefJam SEA. The song is a certified bop, stays stuck in your head like crazy!

Mantra Vutura - Moonlight ft. Bam Mastro

Gila ya, dari sealbum yang diverse banget ini, gue masih tetep paling kena tuh Moonlight loh. The other tracks were amazing yes, but something about the bounce in this one.

Dave - Location ft. Burna Boy

Legit i’ve been listening to this song at least once a day since it came out.

Dave - Lesley ft. Ruelle

I wouldn't put 2 songs from the same artist if the second one wasn't THIS powerful. Coba dengerin deh ini storytelling tentang an abusive relationship. It's a 9 min song but if you stuck thru the whole song, it's amazing. A modern day “Stan”.

The Kid LAROI - Let Her Go

Young rapper coming out of Sydney, he sounds like a Trap Justin Bieber.

JACKBOYS - Gang Gang

Certified mosh pit anthem. Amazing energy, everything felt organic about the record.

Future - Life Is Good ft. Drake

Powerhouse duo that's never wrong. Ever since their collab album What A Time To Be Alive dropped, i’ve been waiting on a sequel.

A. Nayaka - Gimme The Keys

Self explanatory, if self love is key, then listening to your own tracks is life.