Andy Black Segera Rampungkan Buku dan Album Solo Kedua

  • By: OGP
  • Selasa, 7 November 2017

Bagi vokalis Black Veil Brides, Andy Biersack, tahun 2017 merupakan masa produktif dirinya berkarya. Pasca membintangi film musik berjudul American Satan serta beres merampungkan album terbaru bersama band heavy metal-nya, kini pria bertato sekujur tubuh itu dikabarkan tengah sibuk menggarap materi album solo dan buku terbarunya.

Informasi terkait proses penggarapan buku itu disampaikan langsung lewat unggahan di media sosial. Via Instagram pribadinya, Andy Biersack mengaku jika dirinya benar-benar telah menyelesaikan album terbaru Black Veil Brides, Vale. Selain itu, ia juga tengah menjalani proses penulisan dan rekaman materi solo teranyarnya di balik moniker Andy Black.


Hello everyone! I hope your week is going great so far! I'm excited to share with you that I am back in the studio with @johnfeldy starting this week to begin work on the 2nd #AndyBLACK solo record! With #VALE complete and the BVB tour kicking off in the new year I am thrilled to get to spend the final months of 2017 writing and recording some new AB music with one of my favorite people on the planet and I will make sure to keep you guys up to date with the progress of the album. We will also be back on our weekly schedule with @theandyshowtv after not being able to properly record an episode last week with the #AmericanSatan premiere happening. We did however record a "behind the scenes" video at the red carpet that all Patreon subscribers will get tomorrow morning, I hope you enjoy it. I also wanted to share that I have finished my first book entitled "They Don't Need To Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Family, Life and Never Giving In" which is due out in early 2018! I was lucky enough to have @superherohq with me on this journey to help me compile my stories from my childhood and present to you something I think you will all enjoy! Lastly, tomorrow we are going to be announcing the official launch date of my clothing line @westtowerwarrior which I am thrilled to finally release! @americansatan is in theaters now so if you haven't had a chance to yet, go check it out! ???????? photo: @joshuashultz

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Tak hanya sekadar karya musik, Biersack pun sedang bersiap merampungkan buku pertamanya yang berjudul They Don’t Need To Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Family, Life and Never Giving In, yang direncanakan rilis pada awal tahun 2018 mendatang. Di dalam bukunya tersebut, Biersack bakal menceritakan lika-liku kisah hidupnya semasa kecil hingga menjadi sosok bintang rock setenar sekarang.

Andy Biersack dilahirkan pada tanggal 26 Desember 1990. Selain sukses berkarier bersama unit heavy metal Black Veil Brides, pria bertubuh kurus itu juga menjalani karier solo. Album penuh berjudul The Shadow Side, jadi opus perdana Biersack yang dirilis pada tahun 2016 lalu. 


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