Randy Blythe Ingin Peraturan Kepemilikan Senjata Api di AS Direvisi

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  • Sabtu, 24 February 2018

Vokalis Lamb of God, Randy Blythe baru-baru ini melayangkan kritik atas undang-undang senjata api melalui akun Instagram-nya pada 14 Februari lalu. Penembakan sekolah yang terjadi di Florida kali ini terparah di Amerika Serikat dalam kurun sepuluh tahun terakhir setelah SD Sandy Hook Elementary, Connecticut, pada 2012 yang menewaskan 26 orang.

Melalui tulisannya, Blythe ingin para pembuat kebijakan untuk menetapkan kontrol senjata api yang lebih tepat setelah penembakan di SMA Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Florida, yang menewaskan 14 murid dan tiga orang guru.

Vokalis berambut gimbal ini mengutarakan kenapa mayoritas pemilik senjata api di Amerika Serikat tidak mendorong perubahan hukum. Blythe bertanya hingga berapa nyawa anak-anak lagi yang harus hilang supaya undang-undang kepemilikan senjata bisa direvisi.

“Waktunya belasungkawa dan doa sudah lama usai, ini adalah peringatan dari mereka yang telah tiada karena perbuatan gila seseorang yang membeli senjata semi-otomatisnya secara SAH. Senjata itu dirancang untuk melakukan SATU HAL, yaitu membunuh manusia,” ujar Blythe.


2.15.2018 No more “thoughts & prayers”, please. You can take those & put them towards something that only God, fate, random chance, the universe, whatever you believe/do not believe in can affect- they might do some good there. Instead of “thinking & praying”, here’s a CONCRETE ACTION you can take- you can contact your legislators & DEMAND that there be some reasonable, common-sense gun law changes. DEMAND IT, & KEEP DEMANDING IT. Most of the American people, including a lot of gun owners, want this. Why isn’t this happening? How many more kids have to die until WE THE PEOPLE get fed up enough to force the government to do something? The time for “thoughts & prayers” is long past- it’s a slap in the face of people who continue to die as a result of crazy people armed with LEGALLY obtained high-powered semiautomatic weapons, weapons that are designed for JUST ONE THING- killing human beings. I grew up in the country, with guns in the house- these were shotguns, used for hunting. You don’t use an AR-15 for hunting deer, you use it for hunting MEN, or (apparently) CHILDREN. The lunatic shooter in Florida is 19 years old & can’t buy a six pack of beer by law because our society doesn’t believe he is mature enough to handle it, but he LEGALLY obtained a deadly weapon of war designed to inflict as many casualties as possible from a single person wielding it, & he used it to wage war on CHILDREN. What does this tell you about American society? Some people don’t like the term “assault rifle.” Ok, cool- why don’t we call them “Kid Killers” then? Is that a little better? Can we get a little KID KILLER control happening? Is it still “too early” to start talking about getting these KID KILLERS off the streets? Are the students who survived the massacre in Florida & who are publicly begging us, the adults in charge of things, for gun law reform “politicizing” the whole thing? Is it “too early” for THEM to bring it up? Should we just tell them to shut up because they are children & don’t understand adult matters, stuff like why crazy people can easily buy assault rifles & then SHOOT THEM DEAD in the classroom? NO MORE THOUGHTS & PRAYERS- THEY AIN’T WORKING.

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